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Watch you Burn!

2011-11-23 08:08:14 by Yosuke

A great song that I hear some days ago and there it is _DMI

It's perfect for an animation that I've thinked about it, so I will start with it now.

However. Have you heard about the original NG chat?

It still on, and may not be a radio chat, but still working well.

Everyone go to it now owo

Go Now!

Now everyone, go to it

All you! Hail the lock legion!!

2010-11-04 08:32:46 by Yosuke

Yeah people, I'm in the lock legion and I'm scythe lock, a new and complete new animator that have a better talent to flash than the last flash I did.
I know, you're thinkin "WTF is this crazy dude talking about? the lock legion? you have not a LL avatar, even a lock flash."
well, maybe, but I'm doing it a couple of flashes about it right now and will take me weeks or month, maybe years to make it, but one of them will be AWESOME.
All Hail to the lock legion!!.

All you! Hail the lock legion!!


2009-08-23 04:29:13 by Yosuke

well, it's me again, I must say that my computers was broken short time ago, and I lost all the animation of the travel -.-", TT.TT why the world is so cruel with me????

*recovery himself*
well i'm doing the trailer of the travel series about the final fight, and is finally over sorry for the problems ^^U

Oh, hmmmmmmm, Hi

2009-05-20 05:06:45 by Yosuke

Hi to everyone I'm new here and I'm doing my first flash, is not finished yet, but I think I can do it, hmmm, to see a bit of the animation I left it in the link .

Ammmmmmm, thanks to everyone to see this, and, hmmmmmmm, I don't know what I must say, however, goodbye


Hola a todos, soy nuevo aqui y estoy haciendo mi primer flash, no esta terminado todavia, pero se que puedo hacerlo, hmmmmmmmmmm, para ver un poco de la animacion la dejo en el link .

Ammmmmmm, gracias a todos por ver esto, y, hmmmmmmm, no se que debo decir, da igual, adios